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  1. josh

    Bad Credit Consolidation: Pros and Cons

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    There are a large number of individuals interested in repairing their credit. However, few people among this number actually know the pros and cons of specific methods for achieving this type of financial repair. There are many available options for repairing credit, but the most often cited method is debt consolidation. This option is a […]

  2. Bank Accounts for Bad Credit

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    Second Chance Checking Banks have created situations, some say by design, where clearing policies and penalties can create a situation where a single bounced check can cause a modest overdraft to balloon into tens or even hundreds of dollars in fees. If the fees are not covered (bounced check fee, negative balance fee etc.) the […]

  3. How to Fix a Credit Score

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    Your credit score affects so many aspects of your life that it is necessary to learn how to create and maintain a great one. Most people do not realize that their credit reports likely contain flaws. It is because of these flaws that you need to know how to fix a credit score. The process […]

  4. How to Increase Credit Score

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    Credit Card Repair: How To Increase Credit Score In order to improve credit scores, it’s important to know where one currently stands. More than 30 million people in the United States have credit scores under 620, and it is imperative for any consumer to know the basics of how to increase their credit score. This […]

  5. What Is A Good Credit Score?

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    What constitutes a good credit score is determined by a FICO rating. A FICO score is a method by which your overall credit status is rated. Credit scores are used by most lending institutions in order to decide if you are credit worthy. The factors that are considered in rating a FICO score are: 1) […]

  6. How to Repair your Credit

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    Are you wondering how to repair your credit? Tackling the task is not as daunting as it sounds. This is definitely something can do yourself and it is something that is may be in your best interest to do without the help of any company offering to assist you. Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction […]

  7. The Basic Principle of Credit Repair

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    This is a short post, but one I think is important. Though I am no literal farmer, I love farming metaphors. And there are none better and more applicable to as many parts of life as “you reap what you sow.” Literally, it means that seeds put into the ground will produce the version of plant that said seeds […]

  8. Sell Your Home Before a Deadline

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    Selling quickly to meet a deadline is a common concern for home sellers. A recent National Association of Realtors survey found that 55% of home sellers were in a hurry when they put their home for sale. Some of the most important items to keep in mind when selling with a deadline are: Preparing your […]

  9. Top 10 Hidden Dangers of Credit Cards

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    Late payment fees are now averaging $29.00 per month. This can add up quickly and in some cases may wipe out the small amount of your payment going to principle. Over the limit fees are also averaging $29.00 per month. Like late payment fees, these can add up quickly and in some cases may wipe […]